Student Support

Student Support

Students in the program are eligible for the following financial support for their research and living costs.


Leading Program Research supporting fund

Leading program students can receive educational and research grants based on reviewing.


Financial Support for International Conferences and the Young Researchers’ Program

By supporting travel expenses we encourage students to attend and present at overseas conferences, and we hope students will acquire an international perspective from these trips.

The goal of the Young Researchers’ Program is for students to present their research achievements by visiting foreign universities, industry, and research institutions, and to discuss current and future visions of related research fields.


International Conference Planning and Training

Students are expected to participate in the International Conference organized by Toyohashi Tech, the Asia-Pacific Interdisciplinary Research Conference (AP-IRC), the International Symposium on Advances in Technology Education (ISATE), which is jointly sponsored by Toyohashi Tech and the Institute of National Colleges of Technology, and the International Symposium on Technology for Sustainability (ISTS). Through planning and management of international conferences like these, students learn and experience international organization management, a methodology for planning and public relations, as well as gaining the ability to coordinate events. We also arrange for students to lead the medical-engineering international meetings by collaborating with internal and external universities.


Entrance fees and tuition

Under this program, accepted students are exempt from entrance and tuition fees.
No fees are required for applying to this program.


Financial Support

Students under this program are qualified to receive a subsidy (students on the first half of the doctoral program: 120,000 yen per month, students on the second half of the doctoral program: 180,000 yen per month in 2018). For eligible students, the continuation of the subsidy is renewed following an annual evaluation, conducted under the “Leading Program Subsidy Guidelines”.