Group Educator System

Group Educator System

The program “Qualifying Examination” guarantees the quality of the student’s skillset. Multiple faculties form a group to teach each doctoral program student by means of a “Group Educator System” together with clear milestones that follow the “PDCA” procedure.


Multiple-supervisors education system

Educators of this program are gathered in groups of three to four members per group. Groups consist of members from in-school and external staff from cooperating academic and research institutions, corporate partners, and foreign universities. The role of each group member is as follows:

① External staff from cooperating academic and research institutions: These members are in charge of instructing the students in brain science basic knowledge, giving advice to define research themes that bear in mind the research development trends in brain science. They also instruct the students regarding the development of effective research execution.
② Foreign university staff: These members are responsible for strengthening the students’ international competitiveness, such as communication and presentation skills in English, thinking from a global perspective, and understanding international society and culture in depth.
③ Corporate staff: These members develop the students’ skillset needed for corporate planning, intellectual property strategy, and analysis capability.


Deciding the Research Theme for the Doctoral Course

We let each student choose an industry-academia-government collaboration research theme that has a corporate perspective as they advance to the second year of the master program. The student decides the research theme not only with the group educators but also with the members of Organization for Leading Graduate School Program from industry, academia and government.  The demands of society at the time the doctoral program is completed are taken into consideration.