Research & Education

Research & Education


This program will deepen and enhance the four internationally recognized aspects of our research achievements and the education environment described below. Importantly, we will implement interdisciplinary areas of life sciences, brain science, etc, based on the core areas of large scale brain science, biological information processing, and cutting edge information electronics. The four internationally recognized areas:

  1. Society strongly needs an infrastructure for training leading interdisciplinary technologists to form a 21st century global center of excellence that creates world-class information electronics.
  2. The “LSI Factory” is the rarest facility among universities worldwide and embodies students’ ideas for the program. Its scope ranges from LSI to sensors and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS).
  3. Research and development achievements are the results of a strong internal and external industrial, academic, and governmental collaboration system. Core achievements include a highly scalable rapid collinear hologram optical information memory, which was adopted as the world’s first international standard at the ECMA International (Europe’s standardization authorities), and super-large-scale super-rapid photonics information technology, such as the world’s fastest spatial optical modulator.
  4. The EIIRIS (Electronics-Inspired Interdisciplinary Research Institute) is where the world’s top researchers assembled to incorporate various fields – such as medicine, architecture, information, communication, and robotics – into leading sensor/MEMS chip infrastructure technology, cutting a path in the new terrain of interdisciplinary fields for the next generation.

In addition to our achievements and the educational environment offered as described above, we will add human resource training for advanced large-scale information analysis, modeling, and simulation technology.

Moreover, we will aim to foster Brain Information Architects that serve Japan’s new industries such as: Brain research, invaluable brain information imaging devices, the development of brain science as a research field through an excellent command of information electronics, designing innovative electronics devices by studying brain information, and the creation of new brain information science integrated with information electronics conducted by Hamamatsu University School of Medicine’s Medical Photonics Research Center.

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