Three Steps of Internships


Three Steps of Internships

The brain science program requires compulsory internships. This includes two internships during the first half of the doctoral program and an “Internship in Doctoral Program” session during the second half of the doctoral course. The aim is to provide systematic training for brain information architects with real experience at research institutions and in industry.

Brain Science Internship: Students will gain laboratory experience at a brain-science-related institution such as Hamamatsu University School of Medicine. To improve communication with brain-science field researchers, we encourage students to recognize the importance of a wide range of knowledge and theories, as well as to participate in the technical collaboration.

Global Summer School: We dispatch students overseas during the summer vacation of the first half of the doctoral program. Students gain experience and acquire discussion skills with an international perspective and in a global environment.

Internship in Doctoral Program: Students are required to spend two months at least in industry or at a research institute. Students are assigned to posts where they can conduct practical training and gain experience for studying research trends, applying and developing research achievements, pursuing marketing surveys, and researching and developing brain-science-related mechanics. Students cultivate management skills such as situation analysis and planning abilities. Teaching practice is provided at Technical Colleges for students who want to become teachers.

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