Global Summer School 2015 №3

Global Summer School 2015 №3


We visited a village of indigenous people (Orang Asli) and rain forest which is the oldest in the world. The village located at lake side and there are only few houses. We tried to communicate with indigenous people by giving presents, which was small cars, to children. But some of them seemed to be scared us or wary of us. It is not only children but also adults. We found difficulty to communicate with them. Next, we went to a waterfall to have lunch. The waterfall was quite mysterious and beautiful. There are so many fishes under the waterfall. USM students and we played together in water.

Finally, we tried to look for the rafflesia, which is the biggest flower in the world and it takes 4 years to bloom and die down a week after. But we could find only their bud and blasted flower. We will never meet an experience like this in Japan. We believe that this experience will help us in discussion with USM students or our research activity after this GSS.

— Reported by Yuji Nihei and Ryuji Katagiri

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