Oliver Sawodny氏によるリーディング特別セミナーを開催します(2020年1月29日)

Oliver Sawodny氏によるリーディング特別セミナーを開催します(2020年1月29日)


下記の通り、シュツットガルト大学(ドイツ)のOliver Sawodny氏をお招きして、リーディング特別セミナーを開催いたします。


開催日時: 2020年1月29日(水)13:10~14:30
開催場所: D-412
講演内容: Adaptive Buildings – A interdisciplinary research field between civil engineering and systems engineering
講  師: Prof. Oliver Sawodny, Institute for System Dynamics, University of Stuttgart, Germany

概  要:

The building sector consumes currently more than 40% of global resources and energy. Projecting the demand of buildings according to the increasing world population lead to significant resource problems in the near future. Therefore, increasing efficiency and reducing resources in the building sector is a crucial task. Adaptivity of the load bearing structures as well as the façade elements offers a high potential to reduce grey energy due to ultra light-weight load bearing structures respectively new ideas concerning energy reduced building elements and comfort oriented climate control. In the talk a systems engineering view on the specific problems in adaptive buildings is given. At first the control system in the background for the active adaptive control system for the load bearing structure is discussed. This includes the question of sensor and actuator placement, state estimation concept, fault diagnosis and control concept for actuated buildings. In case of building elements the general problem of dramatically reduced thermal mass due to the use of light weight sandwich façade elements has to be considered for the complete climate control approach. The results will be demonstrated in a 36m high rise multi-storey building.

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